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    Noel Vermillion Fanart(I didn't do these!)

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    Noel Vermillion Fanart(I didn't do these!) Empty Noel Vermillion Fanart(I didn't do these!)

    Post by SilverStar Cross on Wed Nov 21, 2012 2:07 pm

    Noel Vermillion Fanart(I didn't do these!) Noel.Vermillion.240.1343833

    Were the True Heir of the Azure not too biologically...young-ish, I totally wouldn't fault anyone if they want to jump her bones, really I wouldn't. Embarassed
    Alas in any case, this is the place where an artifical gallery thread is done, so bring good images of Noel here, okay?
    Bonus points if they're actually funny.
    The Mini-gallery for the Short and Slender blonde of BlazBlue's here, at last!
    ( (6:22) This vid confirms Noel's descriptions from the 1st two BlazBlue games, actually!The basics of it are still in Chrono Phantasma but the outfit you see in the starting outwork's the same!)
    The thread says a lot about her, too!

    Those two are up there just because they feel funny, to me. Laughing
    The 2nd one is especially hilarious to me for a personal reason.*

    1.) (Because if I recalled correctly, whenever I look at Jin Kisaragi I couldn't help but imagine a violent fusion of Vergil from Devil May Cry and Draco Malfoy of the Potter-world, for some reason or another!) lol!

    This one is there because her English VA in Christina Vee autographed it.
    That and its sweet, like Type-B Tsundere levels of sweet for TV tropes buffs.

    Its either this pic or the one where she makes out with Makoto Nanaya, but I'll save discussions for another time, for now talk about the ups and downs for the arts being gathered here, okay?

    This one's just there because its...jarring, I think? affraid
    At least Noel's making like a Type-B Tsundere in that image...I hope?

    Noel Vermillion is so huge!

    Now these are more like it, Noel loves Pandas!!! Very Happy

    This scene is funnier in context when you realized that the lady Noel's pointing her gun towards has a Panda.

    Happy Birthday, Miss Noel Vermillion! (AKA Green Christmas Day!)

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