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    would any like to participate in a forum experiment?



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    would any like to participate in a forum experiment?

    Post by beij on Mon Oct 22, 2012 8:13 pm

    there is this forum I, along with quite a few other MVC'ers (along with posters from sites like Spacebattles and Viz, among others) were involved with in 2010. there were two versions actually, and the latter of the two is still up. both were fairly active at one point, and the activity (no offense) was far more interactive and lasted far longer that this site likely will. heh at this time in april 2010 when the original Underground was made, there was already drama on the chat. anyways though, these sites were pretty close to taking off and thus never really dying out...but inevitable even Underground version 2.0 died out. Underground version 2.0 was made sometime in later 2010, and was active for a few months, but started to fade off in early to mid 2011, and now the most recent post has not been since mid-2011. however, there are still approximately 75 or so guests per day that visit this site, and at this very moment including myself, there are 4 guests on. keep in mind, this is a site that has long since been dead. however for whatever reason, it still gets considerable hits. however, nobody is gonna join and post at a dead forum

    however, this is where you come in. now i havnt had the occasion to propose this anywhere, but now is that occasion. if the members of this site join the Underground version 2.0, and stay on for a bit and make it seem active, post around a bit...then maybe some of these guests will join the site. maybe the site will revive itself in this manner

    its more or less just an experiment, but if the site could revive itself, well, it IS getting hits, which is more than the vast majority of sites such as this one and others can boast. thus, the site actually has a chance to revive and catch on into a stable community. few proboard-esque sites can claim such

    and it would also benefit this site, and perhaps even MVC to some extent

    here is the site...heh it wont let me post the link...but anyways just search this:

    The Underground Version 2.0

    it is the third site that comes up

    I will be logging in; it is easy to join, and even if you dont care in the slightest about the place, well, its a deserted forum. do as you wish

    Pocket Rocket

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    Re: would any like to participate in a forum experiment?

    Post by Pocket Rocket on Tue Oct 23, 2012 12:13 am

    Who are you on MVC?
    The Black Mamba

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    Re: would any like to participate in a forum experiment?

    Post by The Black Mamba on Tue Oct 23, 2012 6:53 pm

    Pocket Rocket wrote:Who are you on MVC?
    That's what I wanna know.

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    Re: would any like to participate in a forum experiment?

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