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    Post by SilverStar Cross on Tue Apr 02, 2013 1:54 am

    Basically speaking if you have a fond and special place in your heart for either Puella Magi Madoka Magica or the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, odds are good that you'll love this stuff as well.

    These links are just to report my progress on how far I am in the reading, so if you wish to follow ahead, I'd rather you start from the beginning, okay?

    What does that Wayward Vagabound have to do with anything, exactly?

    Or this TomFoolery, for that matter?

    Or even Dave's Bro having to teach Dave how to be Badass?

    If you'll excuse me, I'm out to read Act 3 of Homestuck!

    Now listening to Farmstink's taste in music! :mrgreen: '

    Free Gun is Free!

    Reading this part here!

    What an expressive person we have here! ^_^

    DeadPool and Joker better watch their backs, we got another 4th wall violator in here!More fun stuff with 'Farmstink' here!

    Radiated Steak makes sense to eat, yes?

    Yes, the cool guitar is COOL!!!

    So shall we pester John along with this 'Farmstink' lady? ^_^
    Sweet Soundtrack is always Sweet!
    War is breaking out and act is over!

    Midnight Crew is here!
    Feats for Dave's Bro showed up, yes Bro is Badass!!!
    Free but unplayable kombat in here!
    This other lady is here!
    So many people in here!
    More info on 'Farmstink's' past, actually!
    Sounds like the Majority of a lot of the fake personalities on the site proper itself if we can't apply the trolling to be described in a general basis, actually!
    This tree is connected with the smart lady, but why?

    Cool scene of 'Bro' Strider being a Badass is in here again, training Dave in 'The Spartan Way' at the same time! 8-)

    This is at least the same scale size as the dot hack universe and the Potter-world put together on display!

    The first dude in the 1st chapter is busy being a Badass here!

    We find a cool kingdom in here!

    This scene is awesome with the first dude's dad fighting!
    I can't tell if its really the merchant or the Vagabound in here, I may have to ask Mage Luna for more info later!
    Just a Mundane moment being made awesome for the Mail dude in here!
    There's 'Farmstink' again!
    The Rose that was thrown into a Violent Breeze is here!
    Oooo, mutant kitty!
    Jade has her grandpa's rifle!
    Jade goes to apply her stealth training!
    Not a very good leaping display!
    Now Jade engages in Strife!
    Rose goes to play a game or two!
    Rose goes to speak with a kitty! ^_^
    Ectobiology is canon!
    Those of you who were just reading the first Act, will now have a chance to understand why the cat has died. (RIP, man! Crying or Very sad )
    More info on the machine is provided!
    Farmstink goes to look for her pet!
    There's John, that guy from the opening act in here!
    Shocking revelation happened in the previous page!
    This guy is so strong he can hold up a Safe!
    Spades Slick remembers his own name! Laughing
    Spades Slick's name is revealed!
    One of the minions is so strong he brings out an even bigger safe than the one that was just thrown!
    This guy who threw the smaller safe is so Badass he can beat up the bigger dude!
    Its so terrifying to see!
    We now get an actual taste of some of Jade's abilities in this one!Complete with Bullet-timing Doggy who also warps reality!
    Very big city is in an inferno!
    Jade has a Dreambot!
    When Jade started flying!
    John notes that Dave's Bro is busy giving Dave training from hell!
    The Vagabound is back!
    The Mayor Vagabound gets a gift!
    Jade dreams up extra arms and the Dreambot responds in kind!
    Jade starts flying once more!
    Another one of the Vagabound's kind, perhaps?
    Now the package makes sense!
    The Vagabound is a Savior!
    The Vagabound dodges bullets!
    Jade believes she can fly!
    Items can be combined with other items for better results!
    One could even create a Big Force Hammer of some kind or another, one that would make an impression on Warhammer fans here if they saw it!
    John made the Remove Ghost Gauntlet, which allowed him to use the warhammer as he saw fit!
    John can make weapons out of anything, now!
    Cool Bomb being made with shaving cream!
    John finally got around to making the Warhammer known as WrinkleF***er, actually, its a hammer that kind of reminds me of Ultimate Marvel!-Thor's Hammer in a way! Twisted Evil
    There's Dave Strider fighting his Bro, again!
    Jade does something amazing as ever! ^_^

    Cal was killed in the kombat between Dave and his Bro, actually!
    More things on Dave's stuff!
    Yes, Dave has a lot of weapons!
    Rose's last name is mentioned!
    Stuff from Rose's past is uncovered!
    Yup, now Dave Strider looks like Kamina at the moment, or was that his bro?
    Dave Strider's letter!
    The Aimless Renegade appears!
    Renegade looks for more AK-47 ammo since he needs a recorded killshot!
    The Renegade has a Rocket Launcher!
    Realistic Courtroom sessions!

    'FarmStink' is back, once more! ^_^
    'FarmStink' can shoot things!
    A page back, the Renegade fired a Bazooka at the Vagabound and the mail dude!
    The AR can shoot things!
    Another great shot!
    An important note that's worth noting!
    That person in Jade's family appears and kills a Butterfly!
    Young Jade and her Grandpappy along with their Reality-Warping Doggy! ^_^
    Jade finds a present to grab full of pumpkin seeds and whatnot!
    John does care about what happens to Jade, in his own way, and if it weren't for Jade, John wouldn't have met Rose and Dave!
    This is an awesome fight scene at work!
    Jade plays on her Guitar! ^_^

    Dave Strider finally installs the game at last!
    Now it makes sense, epic battle sequences ensure!
    Everyone lives together in the same roof!
    This concludes Act 3, which means half of the first Six Acts of Homestuck is over!

    New Spoiler tag will be needed, since the first 3 acts are already done and will need refinement before I can ask if a new Homestuck-related sub-forum's in order, one to sort out about 6 acts each so we can all talk about them later.

    Meantime onward to Acts 4-6 away!


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