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    The Mortal Instruments: Movie #01, The City of Bones.

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    The Mortal Instruments: Movie #01, The City of Bones.

    Post by SilverStar Cross on Thu Jun 13, 2013 8:27 pm


    Regardless of whether or not the movie will be good, I just hope we don't have any DeathEater Jahnson-level+ nutjobs amuck from the TMI fandom's ranks establishing a factpile branch and sabotaging the efforts of the Sane Fans.

    Otherwise expect to hear Dresden's Late Ma's Old Man paying Wayland a visit of sorts while in a truce with Post-Lords of Shadows 1 Gabriel Belmont at the same time.

    Okay maybe not that far, but seriously this thread is here, feel free to share your thoughts on board.

    If you'll go excuse me I gotta check if I can still Data Drain people, okay?

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