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    The "Impossible Goomba"

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    The "Impossible Goomba" Empty The "Impossible Goomba"

    Post by Pocket Rocket on Wed Aug 13, 2014 12:38 am

    Super Mario 64, a game that's nearly 2 decades old. Every single little thing about this game has been known about forever and a year ago, right? Wrong. Just a few months ago, in 2014, somebody noticed something kind of odd about a set of Goomba's in the game's final stage.
    Basically, there's a pair of Goombas in the stage. Which is weird because in every single other instance in the game, Goombas either spawn in as a single lone Goomba, or a trio of Goombas in a triangle formation. The guy hacked the game to clone nearby objects and it turns out, there is in fact a 3rd Goomba somewhere in the area. Only problem is, it's nowhere to be seen.

    By hacking the Wing Cap onto Mario (a power-up that can't normally be gotten in that stage), he was able to find where the "mystery" Goomba actually is.

    He goes through several different attempts at trying to kill the Goomba, with each one failing. The Goomba is so far down, that it's beyond the death barrier for Mario falling off the stage. So since 1996 to present day, Mario 64 has an enemy that has never been beaten (as well as a coin that has never been gotten). Not even hacks can get this Goomba, leading to it being dubbed "The Impossible Goomba".

    Maybe someday, somebody will find a way to finally get this Goomba.

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